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Website Wealth Blueprint

ATTENTION: Savvy business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs: Now you can…

“Send Your Sales And Lead Generation Through the Roof…”

When You Unleash Proven Sales Generating Techniques That Ramp Up Your Sales And Boost Your Bottom Line And Produce a Flood of New Ready To Buy Customers


…doubled my opt-in ratio”

“Tonya’s blueprint helped me build a sensible plan to increase my website traffic and gain valuable publicity for my business.  The step by step plan helped me do a competitive analysis of my marketing. Within a week of implementing the program I had secured two guest-posts on high-ranking, relevant websites that increased my own website traffic and doubled my opt-in ratio.  By following this program I raised my Alexa ranking from a  2.6 million ranking to a 1.2 million and a PR rank from a 2 to a 3!”

Vidette Vanderweide, Premier Business Mentor

From: Tonya R. Taylor – Your Savvy Online Business Builder

Dear Frustrated business owner,

Why not take advantage of the quickest and easiest way to increase your sales and profits –just like Vidette did? Soon you can join the hundreds of other smart business owners who use a real ‘rock-solid’ marketing plan that ‘gets more qualified buyers in front of what you have to offer and makes the sale!”

With more ‘custom-targeted visitors’, that want to buy what you have to offer…

you can SELL MORE easier and faster!

And that’s what you need right now, isn’t it?

Imagine the feeling of intense satisfaction as you…

Rapidly increase ‘targeted visitors’ to your blogs and websites
Sell more effectively and waste less time doing it
Double or even triple your sales literally — overnight!
Shorten the marketing effort and time required to make a sale
Get more qualified sales leads interested in what you are selling
Sell more to ‘repeat laser targeted visitors’ and do it more often
Sell more expensive products without increasing your expenses!

Have you been dreaming of your business working just like this?

Are you struggling trying to get a steady stream of traffic to your blogs and websites? I’m willing to bet you are sick and tired of wasting your hard earned money ‘paying through the nose’ for paid traffic campaigns and seo gurus to get more traffic to your blogs and websites… And failing to make enough sales to pay their bills!

Or are you thinking about launching your own new business online and don’t have a clue where to start? Then don’t worry I’m here to help you.

Hi, my name is Tonya R. Taylor, owner of several successful websites including: where I have a membership site teaching my members all about Twitter™.

With The Twitter™ Quick-Start Academy site, my specialized Twitter™ coaching teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to maximize the incredible power of Twitter™ to boost their business profits.

But that’s not my only specialty.

I also have another private consulting and coaching business helping business owners with most every facet of online marketing, including social marketing. I work with many business owners that need more help because they are suffering from information overload!

Yes, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Your vast array of marketing knowledge is a curse. (Well at least ‘knowledge overload’ is… remember hearing the term “analysis paralysis”? That’s when too much information prevents you from doing anything or you doing the WRONG thing!)

It’s blinding. And it prevents you from really seeing things from your visitor’s point of view. And when that happens — You LOSE THE SALE!

And… it’s a fact, you’re too close to your business too. It’s hard to understand a customer’s problem when you know your product is THE SOLUTION to solve their problems. But the hard part is… you’re cursed because you can’t see all the details to the problem your customer is experiencing.

…And that’s why your business is suffering… because you’re product is not connecting with their problems in the right way! (Heaven forbid the REAL problem is they don’t know you even exist!)

Your product may be the best solution they could buy to ‘fix their problem’ but if they can’t FIND YOU then they can’t BUY from you!

The trick is this.

You need your customers to be able to FIND You and you ALSO have to make sure they buy…

Here’s the hidden secret.

There is a special response that triggers a customer to buy.

…To whip out their credit cards and buy — what you are selling!

In a perfect world you can easily sell your ‘ideal prospect’. But it’s not a perfect world so how do you sell to the ‘less than ideal ones’?

It all comes down to having ‘the right knowledge, with enlightened business savvy and proper marketing know how’. To understand all the right things you need to do and avoid the wrong ones…

Here’s the deal…


Most businesses mis-read their target market. Even if you do demographic surveys and other geo-marketing tactics, do you really USE what the data tells you?

Let’s be honest, do you? Really?

No, probably not, at least not effectively, and you probably don’t know how to track it or use those ROI results if you do, am I right?

Most of the clients I have in my private coaching tell me the honest truth, that they don’t. They lump together groups of prospective customers to make it easier to market to them. See where this goes all wrong?

Your product may be the best solution they could buy to ‘fix their problem’ but if they can’t FIND YOU then they can’t BUY from you!

But most businesses use a ‘hit or miss’ marketing strategy and they end up  SHOOTING BLANKS! Did you just check to see if your ‘marketing gun is loaded’ or not? No seriously. If you even wondered a little… then…

Bet you’re thinking… you need some help — OK. maybe a lot of help!

Now after reading this you know I’m good at what I do. I’ve shown you some of the areas where your thinking might be clouded… of even way off base… and now you know I know what I am talking about.

But… Here’s a sad fact…

Not everyone can afford my private coaching rates of $500 per hour.

You know up until now, only deep-pocket “insiders” (businesses with the money to spend for my custom coaching services) had access to my expert marketing skills, proven business building services and hidden buying trigger secrets.

Right now, however — if you act fast — you can be one of the first of a select group to peek into my custom blueprint’s amazing bag of tricks!

Wait… scratch that — this isn’t just a sneak peak, no in all honesty it’s like smartening up your brain with bullet proof marketing strategies’.

You might even call it a bunch of ‘marketing crib cheat sheets’. You know like the ones we used in school to ‘crib cheat’ our way out of reading a long, and boring book!

With today’s hectic world, with too much to do, you need a program of short cuts to automate your marketing efforts in a simple, step-by-step fashion that delivers the sales you need NOW.

I’ll give you all my proven ‘insiders only short cuts’ — short cuts that I use for my $500 per hour coaching clients.

That’s what I have got for you… just the facts you need, nothing more, and no fluff. Nothing hard either. And it’s all step by step, and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, I’ve got the ‘right stuff for you’.

I created a custom business marketing course that is  ‘simple and effective’ for building your business profits. It is the exact same ‘custom blueprint I use with my private coaching clients and it has been tested and proven to work in hundreds of niches all across many business levels.

Working with thousands of clients over the years I have fine-tuned and honed my custom blueprint to work from the ground up! So even if your business is in it’s infancy stage you can quickly get started and up to speed. This is big. This is all you need to get your business on top and take down your competitors!

With the expert marketing help I’m offering you today, you can zoom to the top of the money-making ranks!

Remember, no matter your knowledge level or experience in online marketing, I’m here to help you get the help you need, I guarantee it.

I’ll reveal to you my ‘instant-change’ profit-making marketing secrets to double or even triple your business income almost overnight!

Few business owners can figure out how to do this all alone. And now you don’t have to! Why reinvent the wheel? These days businesses who stumble around trying to figure it all out for themselves… get left in their competitor’s dust!

“As the web gets more and more crowded with more and more competition fighting over the dwindling number of ‘buying customers’ — if you don’t do the right thing at the right time — your business will end up going belly-up as smarter competition EATS YOU ALIVE.

When you team up with me, I’ll show you how you can explode sales on your blogs and websites, skyrocket sagging opt-in rates, and uncover hidden methods to easily dominate your own special niches — cutting your competitors off at the knees!

I’ll give you that ‘unfair advantage’ you’ve been searching for to boost your online sales and lead generation.

I’ll give you solid, breakthrough advice straight from my last 10 years in the trenches — building my client’s businesses in all sorts of niches and against incredible competition!

If you’re the kind of smart business person, I think you are, who loves to discover easy, simple and super fast short cuts for making more money from your business online… then please read on.

Because when you work with me, you will have access to a proven ‘blueprint’ and you’re only one small step away from learning the secrets of the richest and laziest online marketers alive.

“Yes, that’s true. Some of the richest marketers I work with are the laziest, by that I mean — they use my ‘simple blueprint program’ to take all the fuss and time wasters out of their online marketing. They just do what works.

They follow the blueprint — and save a ton of time they used to waste with their old and ineffective marketing methods. Now they can spend more time on the golf-course, boating, hiking or even playing Scrabble! Why? Because they have the free time that having a ‘rock solid’ no fuss marketing system gives them.”

You don’t want to waste time with ineffective marketing methods anymore — do you?

If you don’t learn anything else from me (but I know you will) I want you to remember this YOUR business marketing is never done. Why? Because you have to give them a reason to keep coming back over and over again to buy from you!

Here’s what will help you do it!

Introducing the Website Wealth Blueprint™ – Your 6-Step Formula For Getting Leads, Customers and Sales Online!

Everything you need to build your business and effectively market it, that’s fast, easy to do and proven to be effective.

The Website Wealth Blueprint includes:

The master level Rock Star program includes:

1. 6 Quick Start Action Guides – Step by Step, so NO guesswork on your part!
2. 6 Checklists – My Private Coaching  Crib Sheets!
3. 6 Audio Instructions – Step by Step instructions with illustration slides
4. 6 Guided Slides – For following along to guide you through the modules
5. 6 PDF Transcripts – So you can read through them again and again, or look up a particular point quickly
6. Custom Copywriting Templates – For Article Writing and more!
7. Resource lists – My private links to the best of the web for FREE Marketing Tools!
8. Marketing Blueprint Poster – To hang by you desk to help you stay on track
9. The big, 231 page information packed binder with my simple proven strategies
10. – and a complimentary ezine subscription to keep you current

Marketing Crib Sheet Road Map:


Full color printed poster serves as your roadmap for your new online business marketing model.  You’ll have a simple 6-step formula for getting leads, customers and sales online. Keep a copy on your desk to stay on track.

The 6-step formula includes the following modules on CD:

Module 1

Website Components: What you absolutely need on your website and what you don’t

Stop guessing what to include on your website and what you must leave out to be an effective marketer. Find out the reasons why your website is NOT making sales. It’s all outlined right here. You can finally understand what you are doing wrong what is holding back your sales and how to fix it.

In this module you will discover:

  • Revealed: the 10 things you should NEVER have on your website – and why these 10 conversion killers are eating up your profits!
  • 5 shocking new realities of doing business online today
  • Master ‘simple customer pleasing tricks” guaranteed to boost your website rankings above your competition
  • 7 hidden secrets to building the credibility of your online presence  — these can make or break your success!
  • Blog or HTML or Blog/Website Hybrid — which is right for your business and why getting this wrong can be the death of your ‘new business‘!
  • Blog or HTML or Blog/Website Hybrid — which is right for your business and why getting this wrong can be the death of your ‘new business‘!
  • No fuss get it done right the first time‘ tools I use in my coaching and with my top clients
  • How to eliminate procrastination in your marketing efforts and kick to the curb problems with ‘analysis paralysis’!
  • 6 Rock Solid Business Builder Resources to get your marketing started off on the right foot
  • 8 Types of Offers and how to pick the one that is ‘perfect‘ for your business model
  • Why the problem your offer solves is critical to your business income success — get this wrong and you’ll never make any decent money!
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use to help you every step of the way
  • Checklist to make this super easy to do

Module 2

Effective Promotion: The FORTUNE is in
the follow-up

Find out the hidden tricks and tips to ‘showcasing your product’ to get your customers to buy! Read about the best kept secrets – guaranteed to give your online or offline business an ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition — be sure you get this before your competition does!

In this module you will learn:

  • Insider secrets to doubling your sales!
  • Find out the best systems for super fast and effective 24/7 follow up — you’ll be surprised — it’s not what you think!
  • 11 Sure Fire Ideas to skyrocket your response and get your emails opened!
  • Profit Building Methods to ‘leverage the hidden power of your auto-responder’!
  • 5 email marketing tips for hassle-free self promotiononly the pro marketers know
  • Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, iContact, Infusion, which wins hands down as the ‘BEST contact tools contest’!
  • Should you add that business card email address to your contacts list? 5 reasons why this could be a big, bad mistake!
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list of the best of the web to save time and money with your online marketing
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks to help with your contact follow up
  • Checklist to help you stay on track

Module 3

Content is King: Be Recognized As An Industry Authority

Whether you are a beginner or an expert here is the short cuts you need to know about search engine optimization.  Understanding how to create and use seo optimized content can make or break your search engine PageRank for your website. Find out what the SEO pros know!

In this module reveals:

  • Rule of 7 Formula – How to create seo optimized content for your business – in a snap!
  • Online Media Types — Is Writing Content Or Audio Or Video – which is the best way to ‘prominently feature your business products’? Stop guessing and find out what is the best media format to use for your business marketing and why!
  • 7 Prime Locations to expand your markets — get the most exposure with the least amount of effort and expense!
  • 2 Free Video Tools – and where to get them!
  • 5 ways to create videos without ever stepping in front of the camera!
  • The exact template I use to write content for my newsletter and blog — proven to convert!
  • Google Alerts — how to leverage them the right way
  • 37 Content Generation TipsUnderstand backlinks and how to get the most ‘link juice’ from your article marketing efforts
  • How to leverage the incredible power of Ezine Articles – and how to get your articles approved the first time!
  • Business Mindmaps — SIMPLIFIED!
  • How to understand your business marketing funnel —  how to properly use your funnel to maximize it’s profit pulling potential!
  • Audio Recording Made Easy — tips for super fast and professional results!
  • Where to get Article Templates — that are free!
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly where to start so you can create content fast
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components

Module 4

Social Media Secrets: How To Be Heard Over the Noise

Custom marketing strategies created for business owners with big ideas and small budgets and limited time. Understand how to ‘leverage the incredible social media visitor pulling power’ of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

This module uncovers:

  • 5 tips to help measure your social networking return on investment (ROI) – and how to know which key factors to track, how to measure and why
  • In the battle between: Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin – Find out who wins and whyGet the insider knowledge about which you should use where to maximize your online business exposure!
  • Tool to automatically distribute your content on social media sites – multiply your marketing efforts with this simple to use software!
  • 50 little known ways to expose your content on Linkedin
  • Facebook Ads – do they beat Google Adwords Ads? Find out all the new features!
  • Twitter Viral Marketing Tricks Revealed!
  • Want more Facebook Likes? Find out how the pros get thousands of Likes to their business profiles!
  • The 1 website you need to capture your brand across hundreds of social media sites
  • Checklist to make sure your social marketing efforts are completed in the proper order so you don’t miss a critical step!
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly where to focus your social marketing efforts and when
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money

Module 5

Go Local – Get Found

Most people don’t turn to the yellow pages anymore to find information on a business. When you’re looking for someone or a business online what do you do? You GOOGLE IT! Right?  Find out how to put your business on the map locally on Google Search and Google Maps in just days!

In this module you will discover:

  • Google Places + Google Maps + Your Business – how to put all the pieces of this puzzle together and ramp up the visitors to your own local listings with a properly created and optimized Google Places page!
  • How to get Google Places Premium Placement for your business listing
  • #1 Way to force Google to RAISE your Google Ranking!
  • Google Places + Your Business Credibility – how to understand what Google wantscritical need to know information!
  • Google Places Marketing with Viral Coupons – get the best dos and don’t
  • How to use printable and mobile coupons
  • 5 Tips to make your Google Places Business Listing stand out from your competition!
  • Get local resource list for Google marketing tips
  • Checklist to make sure you get your listing to 100%
  • Worksheets with filled in examples and blanks for your own use to maximize your Google Places listing
  • Weekly action guide so you know exactly what to create and when to get your marketing up to speed!

Module 6

Results: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Most of my clients cringe when I talk about tracking their ROI. It’s Easier than you think!

Once you discover what to track about your ROI, it is easy to understand. Find out what you need to know to accurately monitor and measure results — because the numbers don’t lie.

In this module you will finally understand all about your ROI numbers mean:

  • Is it a good idea to trust Google? Find out what you need to know about your privacy and what Google may be doing to your numbers.
  • RIO Basics – What the key factors are, how to understand what they mean, BEFORE you make changes to your marketing.
  • What the numbers are telling you to do next and how to verify that the numbers are right.
  • The one no-cost tool you need to get real time tracking numbers and where to get it.
  • A sample of my weekly monitoring report — will help to eliminate any confusion you may have about how to visualize what the report will give you
  • A sample of my weekly monitoring report — will help to eliminate any confusion you may have about how to visualize what the report will give you.
  • Google Analytics – and Google Ranking – the keyword mystery solved!
  • How to setup the analytic software to automatically receive your stats weekly via email
  • Facebook Analytics – what’s important to review and what the numbers really mean
  • Twitter – Tweets + Retweets + Followers — find out what it’s all about and how to gain followers without wasting time!
  • Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin – 4 critical keys to properly understanding what those numbers are telling you about your business marketing efforts — and do it with minimum effort and time.
  • Google Analytics – Advanced Tools – how to understand your bounce rate and other factors — plus how high is TOO high a bounce rate? Find out more inside…


  • Time on site – how critical is it, and what does this number REALLY tell you?
  • Don’t want to use Google Analytics? Here’s the alternative program for tracking I recommend to solve the privacy problem — and it’s free!


  • What to include in your weekly monitoring checklist and why these items are critical to your analytics success
  • Checklist to make sure you included all the components to complete your results
  • Low-cost or no-cost resource list to save you time and money

Top Five Reasons Why Having A Blueprint…

1. shortens the learning curve to give you more free time
2. avoids making mistakes (without even knowing it) that cost you hundreds of dollars every month!
3. provides a specific plan to help with online marketing with a focus on content
4. attracts your ideal customer to your website day after day after day
5. puts you on the same playing field as the big guys with big budgets!

“Doubled my product sales”

Working with Tonya has really set me on fire! I can’t recommend Tonya enough. After taking her class, I was able to properly implement a system to automatically communicate with my prospects and customer from my website. I saw a 200% increase in email signups and my product sales. Due to Tonya’s teaching on social media specifically on how to properly use it to establish my brand, my numbers have doubled in days. And she is always available as a marketing mentor to push you along with the way.
Love working with her.

Shawn Mason Spence – Mother of 5
Comedienne and Author of Funny Is Just Funny


“Gave me the tools I needed to master my marketing”

“Tonya’s Blueprint has helped me capitalize on the latest social networking trends and helped me improve my website with tools that she has tested and works with. Each of her modules is filled with practical advice and examples to help illustrate her points. She has shown me the importance of marketing to my ideal audience and create ongoing communication – all aspects of website and web building that I had no idea existed before her class. Tonya knows her audience and she knows how to get them to listen to her. Her blueprint gave me the tools I needed to master my marketing to make my business successful and savvy. “

Trini Miguel
Personal trainer/aerobics instructor


“I really didn’t know what I didn’t know…”

“Our disaster restoration company was not doing so well in sales for the past 6-9 months. In our efforts to change our direction and figure out what was best for the company and to turn us around, we were recommended to Tonya to assist us in analyzing our online presence. We are now in the middle of totally revamping our current website and takingfull advantage of the benefits of social media, per her recommendations. Without her blueprint I would still be pulling my hair (the little I have left) out. This was a case where “I really did not know what I didn’t know”. Thanks Tonya for bringing us out of the stone-ages!”.


Marvin Davis
ServiceMaster by Resolution Specialists, Inc


Your Profits Could Be Crushed…


You can have the ‘best product, service or program in the world’ but it won’t matter, if no one knows about it. Your site is the place where you continuously drive prospects, the media and your centers of influencers. Your site is the ‘heart and soul of your business’. It deserves the best you can give it.

It’s even more critical if you’re raking in the big bucks right now.

You never know when ‘you’re head’s going to be on the chopping block’ when your competition decides to pull out the big guns and blow you away! If your competition is lame right now… it might not be tomorrow.

That’s one of the best reasons I know for getting your hands on my ‘cutting edge secrets’ right now. No matter what you think you know, it’s better to have a reserve of the best ammo to arm yourself against your competition.

Be Smart… Protect Your Business.

Be prepared!

The Website Wealth Blueprint System is ready for you. Just lock and load. You can easily beat your competition with the ‘blueprint’ because it gives you the ‘unfair advantage’ every competitive marketer needs. Get this before your competitors do!

Get ready to slaughter your competition

Best of all…

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

I’m so sure you’ll be pleased with your Website Wealth Blueprint System™   and with your results that I’m absolutely guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason, just let me know by sending the package back within 60 days and I’ll cheerfully refund every penny – no questions asked!

Fair enough?

Here’s Your License To Print Money

I guarantee you can get started implementing the blueprint and the private marketing strategies I reserve for my coaching clients in just minutes from now.
Seriously — you can easily double your business with any single strategy.

When you apply more than one of the strategies you can increase your income even more! Once you get this your knowledge will be in a whole different league you’ll easily beat your competition to their knees!

It’s your call.

You know the power and profitability of my concepts. I know the kind of exponential growth your business can easily see when you implement what I am here to give to you.

So I’m not very worried about the “pay only after you see this works for you” guarantee.

I am sure your competition may be reading this very same letter. Many may be terrified of what you will learn when you receive the blueprint, DVDs and road map to marketing success.

How you will use this critical ‘need to know’ information against them.

OR — you can wait and let them blast your business to smithereens when they get their delivery of this incredible marketing blueprint.

Again… Never has the choice been clearer.

This is decision time.

I’m taking all the risk here.

I Want to Claim My ‘Blueprint’ Now!

Here’s what I am offering as my honest good word to you.

If by applying my simple strategies to your online business, and you do not significantly increase your bottom line, I insist that you not pay for my blueprint. I ask only that you give it an honest try and with good intent to follow through and judge me fairly when you order now.

So there is no risk for you and no downside.

If you close this page you will miss out and if your competition sees this site and orders the product you can be 100% sure they will use it against you. They’ll be eating you and your profits for a breakfast!

Remember you don’t risk a penny when you order now.

Decisions don’t get any easier than this.

Yes, Tonya! I’m ready to become the next internet Success Story


I understand with my investment today, I’ll receive the following physical package by mail:

The master level Rock Star program includes:

1. 6 Quick Start Action Guides – Step by Step, so NO guesswork on your part!
2. 6 Checklists – My Private Coaching  Crib Sheets!
3. 6 Audio Instruction – Step by Step instructions with illustration slides
4. 6 Guided Slides – For following along to guide you through the modules
5. 6 PDF Transcripts – So you can read through them again and again, or look up a particular point quickly
6. Custom Copywriting Templates – For Article Writing and more!
7. Resource lists – My private links to the best of the web for FREE Marketing Tools!
8. Marketing Blueprint Poster – To hang by you desk to help you stay on track
9. The big, 231 page information packed binder with my simple proven strategies
10. – and a complimentary ezine subscription to keep you current


with FREE SHIPPING (US only) !!!!

“Grab Your Website Wealth Blueprint System– $247”

Website Wealth Blueprint

To your future business success!

Tonya R. Taylor
Your Savvy Only Business Builder

P. S. How much does it cost to become the next Internet Success Story?

Absolutely Nothing! Either my blueprints pay for themselves… OR YOU DON’T PAY!

P. P. S. Like I said this has never been offered before! If you’re as smart as I think you are, you’ll grab your blueprint and pray your competition doesn’t see this page!

But this price will not last. It will go up to $447 very soon.

P. P. P. S. Are you still undecided? Can your business afford to take the chance your competitor (or one you don’t even know about) may get their hands on this before you do? Try it risk free. What do you possibly have to lose here?