Why Google Loves WordPress for Driving Traffic and SEO

It could take months to find a potential customer but you can easily loose them in seconds because they cannot find your website or you have not updated the content in months. In order to effectively market your business online (or offline) you have to have a website with fresh content.

It’s so sad when I consult with a solo-entrepreneur or small business owner who invested thousands of dollars to get a “pretty” website they can’t even update without calling their webmaster. What’s worst is some of these websites don’t show up on Google.


Because all websites and blogs are not created equal. Traditional websites built without using software like WordPress have limitations.

Note: The word website and blog may be used interchangeably

After years of building websites using a variety of business blog software I have found all blogs are not created equal in search engines. You need a website that drives traffic that leads to sales and generates a profit. If you are just starting or need to revitalize your website here’s a tip…WordPress works best.

Google loves it! And you should too!!

Okay for those who don’t know, WordPress is free software that EMPOWERS you to create (update and maintain) a professional website or blog yourself without the need of a web developer. Seriously they make it easy, just like you are updating a Word document. You don’t even need to be a techie to start using it today.

Want to know why WordPress works for search engine optimization (SEO) and driving traffic to your website?

All -in-one website and blog solution

Gone are the days where you can have a static website that is never updated. Also gone are the days when you had a blog separate from your website.  In today’s digital world, you need to have a website that includes pages with information about you and your business and includes frequently updated content on your blog.

Improved site visibility in Google search results

No worries it will not cost you a cent. Google offers a free tool called Webmaster Tools. It may sound a little techie but it’s simple. All you do is add and verify your site and you’ll start to see information right away. Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google. You’ll get Google’s view of your website including specific problem they may have accessing it.

Ways to use keywords to get more search engine traffic

You have some powerful but little known ways to use keywords to increase targeted traffic right at your fingers tips. Stop spinning your wheels marketing online (and probably not getting the results you expect) because you don’t have a keyword strategy. Using keywords effectively you can get more and better leads with less effort. That’s right! Targeted keywords help your website do most of the client attraction work for you. I said it before and I’ll say it again using keywords is your website’s secret weapon to driving traffic.

Built-in search engine optimization features

There are many themes and plugins with built-in SEO features. Some of the top WordPress themes have SEO functionality built-in for easy use on all your pages and post. However if you theme does not have an SEO component there are several plugins you can install that will do the job. You may be surprised but these plugins may do a better job at optimizing your site than you think. 

Bottom line: Everything works better driving traffic to your website, Google ranking, SEO, tracking, measuring, social media and more with WordPress.


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