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Your Small Business Toolbox

Small business problem: On a shoestring budget but need sensible solutions to address tomorrow’s technology needs today.

Your Small Business Toolbox is dedicated to providing businesses with time and money saving free or low cost online tools. Inside Your Small Business Toolbox you will find 101 plus free tools with articles to get immediate results in social media, marketing your business, growing your website, managing your finances and running your business.

You get maximum value at minimum cost from the tools found in these topics:

How To Use Social Media

Social media, who has time? Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace are no longer optional for business. However, many small business owners are discouraged with the social networking sites because they don’t see social networking as marketing and they find it hard to measure return on investment (ROI).

If you’re considering adding Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to your marketing strategy these practical tips and articles provide a winning combination that makes a difference.

How To Market Your Business

Whether you are a beginner or an expert you will find easy free tools for marketing your small business that really work. You will find some amazingly unparalleled information you need to know guaranteed to create new streams of revenue and increase customer loyalty.

In these tough economic times these tips and articles provide straight talk about a secret weapons your small business can use to turbo-charge your income.

How To Grow Your Website

Do you know who your visitors are, where they are visiting from and what pages they view on your website? Do you make it make it easy for visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, email or one of the many social bookmarking sites?

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t matter if your website is built on a web 2.0 platform or not these tips and articles provide information to increase your website traffic that will turn visitors into customers.

How To Manage Your Finances

It doesn’t matter whether you are a solopreneur, a home-based business or small business you want to know how can I get paid faster? Right! Simply stated, you need high-performing tools for your small business to create invoices and keep track of business expenses.

Look for more tips and articles inside “Your Small Business Toolbox” featuring the most flexible financial planning options like accepting payments online, adding shopping carts to your website and cash flow analysis.

How To Run Your Business

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting started or already have a business in place, imagine being able to leverage free tools to run your business smarter instead of harder. Do you fax, create PDF documents, use email services or have a small business phone services?

This topic has a growing number of online tools you can count on. Compare for yourself  the tips and articles to determine which tools benefit your business most.

Your Small Business Toolbox is a great resource because it identifies with online technology needs of small business owners, solopreneurs, home-based business and many other small business owners.

Small business solution: Visit  Your Small Business Toolbox often to find 100+ high quality tools and articles guaranteed to keep more money in your bank.

Are you using free tools discovered in Your Small Business Toolbox? Let me know in the comments below.

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