7 Mantras to Becoming a Website Traffic Magnet

how to get website traffic magnet

When I coach my clients on driving internet traffic, most are surprised to discover how much search engine optimization and social media is involved in all of their marketing efforts. Here’s the thing, If you want to have traffic you have to do the work. Make a copy this so you can read these 7 mantras everyday to help learn how to get website traffic.

7 Mantras for how to get website traffic:

1) “I create fresh blog content on a regular basis.”

You need an easy content creation strategy so you NEVER worry about what to write again and you are updating your blog consistently. Original, relevant content is regarded as the most important commodity on the internet. Create a routine, let your visitors know when to expect your new content and stick to the schedule.

2) “I listen to what my website traffic is telling me.”

There’s an old saying “what gets measured gets managed” and your traffic is no different. Measuring your website traffic is a great way to start to understand how (or if) your Facebook post, tweets, Pinterest boards or other social media and online marketing efforts are really paying off.

3) “I know which keywords my target audience is searching for in Google.”

No matter what business you are in – you cannot get the job done if you do not have the right tools. Keywords are the tools you need to keep from sabotaging your website traffic. Keywords are the exact words or phrases people use to search online. Google will send you targeted traffic filled with visitor’s credit card in hand looking for your products and services.

4) “I provide an irresistible free offer.”

You are implementing this strategy specifically for driving traffic to your website. Give your visitors a little taste (like you get at Costco) of what you do. Provide your visitors with a no-risk opportunity to sample your product or service. This will help build the relationship and give you a chance to ask for the sale later.

5) “I implement strategies to get other people to send me free traffic”

You can have the best product or service in the world but if nobody knows about it does not matter. Your website is the hub for all your business both online and some offline activity.  Posting to your blog only is not enough! It is up to you to use strategies that will generate more visibility and exposure.

6) “I use social media to market business.”

Social media is the biggest change in marketing and it has completely changed the way business is done for both large and small companies. It is not easy for me to say use this social media channel and not that social media channel to get customers. Just like other marketing opportunities, each social media platform has pros and cons.

7) “I know getting found online requires a strategic plan”

Your online marketing efforts can be made easy if you had a plan. Simply put…if you fail to plan you plan to fail. If you don’t know where to start work with someone who can give you a website wealth marketing blueprint. Put in to action the most effective techniques you can actually implement within reasonable time and effort.

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